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Shannon Glenn



Resident · 2001 - 2002
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Office Staff
I lived here in college because it was very inexpensive, and you truly get what you pay for. The pool was closed one day a week for "cleaning", which was a little ironic considering it was never cleaned. Management was rude to us, and the maintenance staff was horrible. They couldn't even fix our closet door, so I lived there for an entire year and was only able to open my linen closet door halfway the entire time. The waterbugs are completely disgusting and will make your stomach turn. During the summer they completely covered all the steps leading into our building at night. You had to get a running start and leap over them to avoid stepping on them and hearing that awful crunching noise as you smashed them. They would often come into the building and laundry area, because it was below ground level. When I asked for something to be done about it, I was told that they could spray, but it wouldn't do any good and we should get used to it. I killed several in my apartment, as well. We had some kind of creature living in our wall at one point. Maintenance was supposed to be right out, but they never came. They're lucky the creature didn't wind up scratching through our electrical wiring and start a fire. Days later I noticed a smell coming from the wall, as the creature had finally died in there. I called again, and the manager came over and told me to draw a big "X" on the wall where it was and promised me again that maintenance would be there to remove it. Nine months later, I moved out and the creature was still in my wall. I'm sure it's still there to this day. Our apartment regularly flooded because our upstairs neighbors didn't know how to use a garbage disposal. They would just dump everything in there and never turn it on, so it would clog up the plumbing. Then whenever they would use the water, it would come up out of our kitchen sink and flood our kitchen. Our bedroooms were tiny, and our apartment never got any sunlight because we were halfway in the ground. I left this place the first chance I got, and I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.
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Shannon Glenn

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