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displeasedrenter2010 • Resident 2008 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2012
I have lived here for a few years. When I first moved in, my building was actually quiet and the other tenants were nice. I have seen several families come and go(as in any complex) and they have usually been okay. This is no longer the case. Recently, I have noticed several shady things occurring, more then usual that is. Most recently, we returned home from a school event with our children and our car door, the one we were not driving, was wide open... I know for a fact that I locked it before we left. Our Ipod was stolen along with some cash that I had hidden under the floor board. I called the office and reported this and they said to call the cops (of course I had already done so). This has happened before. When I called the first time I asked if we could install a surveillance device outside our door (we have an elderly woman living below us and a handicap woman living across from us and this would be beneficial to us all and we had all agreed on the issue AND agreed to post a notice that it was there). The office said that we could not because it violated privacy laws... so the privacy of the THIEF is valued over the privacy of the resident?? Also. The maintence staff used to be quite nice. Until they got new ones. These new ones are lazy and do not know how to do ANYTHING well. I could do most of the crap on my own better then they do. They charged me 30 dollars to replace a PLASTIC towel bar that was in the bathroom that broke the ONE time I used it to hold myself up when I was sick and almost fainted... I was promised, and had it in writing, when I moved in that I would get new carpet upon my one year contract renewal..still hasnt happened and the new leasing company (who came in half way through that first contract) said that it was void because it wasnt their company that promised it. Also, if you ask for your room to be painted on your renewal, you better stay on them. I have resigned 3 times and never had a single all painted and I brought it up and they said that they cant back date. Drug issues exist everywhere, in every complex... but it is getting worse here. There are actually shoes on power lines (which have never been here before).. I didnt even know people still did that. O and they blocked off all but one entrance into the complex... and if you complain about noise, whatever. The one time I ever heard anything about a noise complaint being taken care of I was at work at NOON and got a call from the office..."ARE YOU HOME? WE JUST HAD A NOISE COMPLAINT FROM YOUR NEIGHBOR ABOUT THE MOVIE YOU ARE WATCHING"...ummm I was at work and my husband was home and he was SLEEPING... there was no noise. Yet someone can BANG on a neighbors door at 2am and wake up the whole building and nothing is done... Needless to say, we are moving after this lease is up... I am done and I ready to move.
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Vann Park Apartments

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