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Woodland Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2015
i live here now too and its awful! I would not tell my worse enemy to move here. Anyone posting up talking about how great the staff and place is. Is obviously the staff themselves trying to polish a turd. Workers are rude and dont speak english. Ive seen the constructions workers straight up fighting each other out in the court yard. Someone will step in eventually. Theres mold issues in every single building. Its been tested by the health department and confirm. You can easily call the health depo, go to the dr and express your health conditions for mold, they will fax a drs note to the health department and someone will come in and test for free. This will get you out of your lease. They are working illegal immigrants for the construction and maintenance (ha wait maintenance!) In turn for letting them live here under the table without having actual documents showing they can live and work here in the US. They soon will go under and woodland park apartments will go on to the next company that wants to buy them For one you can take ------ apts and turn them into a luxury apt, and raise everyone rents 100!!!! You have to be kidding me if you think these are worth more than 639 for a 2 bedroom. now everyone pays 729 for a 2 bedroom. Dont come here! The kids outside are terrible and fowl. The gym is a joke with broken equipment. the laundry rooms are expensive and hardly even available. The only have about 5 working washers and 5 working dryers for this whole huge complex. There used to be about 10 each until they replaced them with a ugly mural on the wall. What should happen is there is a washer and dryer laundry space in each building. Most of the people here dont drive or very lazy, they are not going to go to the office area to wash clothes. (If there is even a spot). Bedbugs are a huge problem here along with roaches and brown recluse spiders! Its a terrible place to live let alone raise kids. ------ and not even cheap!
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Woodland Park Apartments

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