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Woodland Park Apartments



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aquadreams • Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2009
I made the bad decision of living at woodland park for a year and a few months. Let me describe- The noise is horrible. Crackhead neighbors upstairs stomping constantly upstairs. Groups of people outside, all hours of the night fighting, drinking, doing drugs, shooting guns when you are trying to get some sleep for work. Random people knocking on your door asking for money, rides, drugs, etc. The management does NOTHING about this. People throw garbage and random furniture EVERYWHERE! In the halls and outside. There is spilled food and other liquids all over. They forget to pay the trash bill so the giant garbage bins are overflowing. Avoid the laundry room, tons of children go in and out of it and go through your clothes. They forget to pay the bill so its not open half the time anyway. No change machine. The management is TOTALLY incompetent. They lost my money order for the month of July that I put in the drop box. Turns out, the manager stole it. I told them that I was moving out at a certain time, returned the key, they said they found the apartment vacant a month and a half after I left and are being slick about it and taking me to court. Given and Spindler are crooks, avoid any complex managed by them! Especially this one! Not only will they rip you off, but when you need help, good luck finding it.
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Woodland Park Apartments

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