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Blackhawk Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2014
DO NOT MOVE HERE. They have all these NO's below for a reason so please pay attention to them. The "property manager" (if that's what she'd like to call herself) is a rude, dumb idiot... Don't know why she's the property manager. Their apartments are ----. The apartment they toured us in was nice and clean and had absolutely nothing wrong with it because ours "wasn't ready" but of course the first day we moved in, ours didn't look or smell NOTHING like the one they toured us in. Their paint sucks, there was writing all over our doors and walls, and they also painted some of the doors shut. (genius) The bath tub, toilets and the kitchen sink was FILTHY. As you can see and some of the photos I posted. The second bedroom closet door wasn't even UP when we moved in, and when I called to question that, their answer was that it falls over a lot. -_- I also asked if they clean before people move in and she told me they are just responsible for painting and the carpet and bigger maintenance issues. I then asked do they make the current resident clean....basically they don't. Our last day there was today, they don't send a list of things to do (like other apartments I've lived in) they don't do ANYTHING!! Their lazy, ESPECIALLY their maintenance (who ------ rigs EVERYTHING) Their maintenance is sooo slow and they ------- suck! Also after being there for 3mos, our electric bill shot up to $500, they tried blaming it on the electric company, turns out (a whole month later) there was a water leak under the fridge. She tried telling me she couldn't give me any money off our rent for the first messed up electric bill because they weren't aware of the issue yet! ----- I WASN'T AWARE OF THE ISSUES YET UNTIL I GOT THE ------- BILL IN THE MAIL! So of course, you call their corporate, THEY SUCK TOO! SUUURPRIIIISE! -_- So I only got $200 taken off of ONE months rent. This place is ---! Their paint sucks, the heat sucks. I complained MULTIPLE times about the heat not reaching up stairs, she tried to tell me that's how their units work. Then of course when the summer came, the air was never up stairs, she tried saying the same ----. She's just all around dumb! So if you're a clean freak, and also don't like being bull shitted, DON'T MOVE HERE!!! Trust me, if there was a way to NOT give them stars they wouldn't have got 1 on ANYTHING.
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