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Office Staff
Hopeadams44 • Resident 2016 - 2018 Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2018
I live here currently and have since 2016. I'll just make a pro/con list. Pros: Office Staff: Seriously I am not sure why they get such a terrible rep, they are wonderful people. Shawn seriously sold us on the place, she's such a doll. They are always talking to us and interacting with residents. We see them quite often in the pool during the summer or just outside in the complex. For all of you who have complained they are rude because you paid your rent late or they didn't work with you, that's a personal accountability problem not an office problem. Neighborhood: Our neighborhood is probably one of our favorite parts of living here. It's right next to Georgetown, which has some restaurants and a grocery store. A few miles up the road is another shopping center that has a Target. Close enough to Glenbrook/Coliseum etc... Only thing is there isn't a good entrance to 69 anywhere conveniently near. Our actual neighborhood is quiet, we haven't had any noisy or unruly neighbors. Safety: I've never felt unsafe here. There is a security guard that drives around at night. Our first week of moving in we did catch some teenager trying to get into one of our cars, which did scare us a bit. But that comes with living in a city. Cons: Maintenance: This is my biggest complaint about living here. The manager of maintenance is great. Always done pretty well with having my apartment fixed. We've definitely caused a headache or two for him. Our downstairs pipes were old and corroded. We got them fixed and new flooring within a week. The people who work for him are our problem. They "try" and fix stuff like our dishwasher, but it breaks again in a week. They don't seem to know what they are talking about in the slightest. Depending on your issue, it can take them a while to get to you. We understand they have more pressing issues at time but we also expect repairs in a timely fashion. Also communication between maintenance and residents could improve. Overall: We don't have a problem with living here, it hasn't been a bad start for us. The apartments are average in appearance but they are pretty lenient on decorating. Rent is fairly priced here and they have quite a few options for floorplans. The office staff is wonderful. It's a safe neighborhood in our opinion. Maintenance could definitely improve as well as communication between staff and residents.
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Blackhawk Apartments

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