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tuna25 • Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2011
By far the worst place I have ever lived in our had top deal with! Manager is a horrible -----! Me and my room mate moved in in June 2010. The beginning ofJuly we started having problems with our A/C and maintance was horrible. We would come home to find that they had let themselves in and "fixed" the problemwith some duct tape. When we complained about this the mainager was just very rude about the whole thing and did nothing more to fix the problem. It came down to us having to call them at least once a week to get them to fix the A/C. It was the middle of the summer and their solution was for us not to use it! They toldus that it would get replaced next year and we would just have to wait. That wasn't even the worst of our problems there. One evening we had gone out to the store, we returned 30 minutes later to the sound of a waterfall in the kitchen. We took a quick look around and found that there was water pouring from the light fixture in the kitchen, and multiple places in the living room as well. Turns out the upstairs toilet never stopped running and had been over-flowing the entire time we were gone. This ruined furniture, text books, year books, a dipolma, the walls, multiple rugs, and some clothing. We couldn't get nothing to shut off so we had to wait over an hour for maintance to show up and get it turned off. We were very upset and fustrauted that a lot of our belongs had been ruined and it was all due to poor maintainance. The manger refused to give us another apartment, claiming their were none avaible. She did however tell us that we were free to break the lease. So we spent all weekend getting our stuff together and moving out just to find out that she wanted a 30 day notice before we could leave. We did not have it because we just used it for a deposit on a new placewe were forced to move into. Blackhawk was the worst place I have ever lived and the manager is a straight ----- who obviously never went to college for managment and has no people skill whatsoever! I would never ever recomend even wasting your time looking here!
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Blackhawk Apartments

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