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Brighton Meadows Apartments



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policeman10 • Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2010
I have lived here for 2 years now and they have really fixed the place up to look nice. New appliances, carpet, and remodled buildings, with privacy lock to get into your apartment building. They just had the entire parking lot repaved looks good. There have been some things recently that have really been bugging me. First, the installed their entire cable system and internet. At first it sounded like a good deal, 125 channels lots of movies and sports, what I like. The only problem is I bought a $1200.00 HD TV over christmas and guess WHAT...They don't provide HD, the internet is slower then hell, especially when I want play PS3 Online and they won't let any other cable or dish company provide service. Another things is parking. You have one assigned parking spot and after that they have these little tiny parking spots that are jammed together (you can barely back up without hitting another car), so I have been parking in a sport probably for about 6 months now that nobody parks in. I go to get in my car and there is one those REALLY...sticky notes on my front window. It said final notice warning before I am towed. I pay these People $615.00 a month, and when I first moved in I did not have to pay utilities now they make us, which usually runs around $30.00 monthly and now for there cable and internet $100.00 monthly. Are you starting to get the Point they are become extra $GREEDY$ I would not recommend this place now to anyone. All they want is your MONEY and they keep find ways to get it from you. There are plenty other apartment complexes where you can have the freedoms to do a lot more things. I am having my uncle who is a great lawyer look into them not allowing and other cable providers on their complex, he has talked witht the FCC and it looks like we could have a case.
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Brighton Meadows Apartments

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