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Brighton Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
MP04 • Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/16/2010
We moved 550 miles to Fort Wayne for a job transfer. We purposely sought out Coventry Court because of the short lease term. We knew we would be buying a house very soon, so we didn't want any lease longer than 6 months. From the very beginning, living there was one annoyance after another. First, my son fell and slashed open his forehead due to their poor maintenance on their grounds. Then there were the loud neighbors who would come and go at all hours of the night, and their dogs that would be left behind barking non stop, while they were out partying. Two of our family members have allergies, and the apartment always smelled of cigarette smoke. Since moving out, all of us have been healthier. There were constantly disturbances outside of the building. Accidents in the parking lot, arguments outside of the building, loud music in the parking lot and people using inappropriate language and being crude at a supposedly "family friendly" pool. There was problem after problem inside, as well. It seemed like something was breaking almost once a week. We had problems with the air conditioner and the management was too cheap to fix the problem, so they continued fixing the symptom. The result for us, was a hot apartment almost every other day. The cool days were when they would replace a fuse. The refrigerator broke, the garbage disposal broke five times. The furnace wasn't working properly, the hot water heater broke. It was constant problems, that would sometimes take a week to get fixed. The staff in the main office was always rude, and unprofessional, so we tried to keep our distance from any of the management because the end was in sight for us. We were weeks away from closing on our beautiful house, and knew we wouldn't have to deal with any of this for much longer. We moved out at the end of our six month lease, and were thankful to be done with Coventry Court. Unfortunately, about two months later we would be reminded of our nightmare. A sheriff showed up at our house with court papers from Coventry Court west. They have filed a lawsuit against us for damaged property although we left the apartment cleaner and in better shape than what it was when we moved in. Our court date is next month, and we are praying that justice prevails so we can move on and enjoy our new home and city.
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Brighton Meadows Apartments

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