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Brighton Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I have lived at Brighton Meadows for the past 5 years. I am leaving at the end of next month. While I was pleased initially with it here, through the years I have witnessed the place just deteriorate before my eyes....<br><br>The good....<br>*Large apartments, priced right (best value for space in this area)<br>*In general, good people live here. I have never really had too many problems with neighbors and I have lived in 4 different apartments within this community.<br>*Pool is nice, but small. The upkeep of it seemed lacking last summer.<br>*Parking is plentiful (although parking lots are dark).<br><br>The not-so-good...<br>*Lack of urgency. The office does not rush to do anything. Many times requests for maintenance fall on deaf ears. I personally have stopped calling maintenance and started fixing things myself. They only see it as a priority if something is completely destroyed.<br>*Safety-- Seems to be a lack of it recently here at Brighton Meadows. Two of my female friends that live here tried to get an old light post fixed, only to be told that it was a flag pole by the apartment complex (I have lived here 5 years and it has never been a flag pole) Sadly, the Better Business Bureau got involved with that issue, and nothing ever came of it.<br>*Rhonda - resident manager - she can not accept responsibility for ANYTHING. Nothing is ever her fault or the fault of the staff there. The excuses getting funny and tiresome as years pass. <br>*Entranceways in the buildings smell like mildew and the carpet in them is probably 15 years old if not older.<br>*The only way to get things fixed properly right away is to constantly bug and sometimes get nasty with Rhonda or her assistant. They only respond when you are truly upset about something.<br>*Lack of caring about residenst safety is becomming more and more evident with each passing day around here.<br><br>Intangibles...<br>*Complex is undergoing a sale right now, so hopefully new owners will turn the place around. Management of the property needs a new direction.<br>*The office is open everyday, which is nice for those of us working irregular hours.<br><br>Overall, my stay here wasn't too bad. The first few years were great; and then the complex just started to fall apart; literally. A year ago I would have recommended this place to someone, now I can not do that. I have lived in these types of apartments here (2 bedroom large, townhouse, 1bedroom)
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Brighton Meadows Apartments

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