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Brighton Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
onmyown2005 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
The office staff changes all the time. They seem to hire girls that are 7-8 months pregnant and let them work til their due date. Then they just hire a new one and every thing is a mess in the office. They tried to charge us three times for our application fee. Rhonda, the property manager NEVER calls you back. Everytime you call into the office she is " on a long distance call". The employees have no concern for the residents or their sefety or comfort. We are supposed to relax and be nice because they are too cheap to hire more help for the gournds. The office hours are supposed to be from 10 am to 6 pm. I have had to wait outside the door for nearly half an hour because they couldn't open on time. Rhonda seems to make sure she's gone by 5pm and when shes gone the grils in the office like to close up early to go to concerts and such. The maintenance is horrible. We have a small deck area where the nails are sticking up out of the boards they didnt want to take the time to fix. We hav eonly lived here a month and our A/C has broken down 6 times ( the worst part is when it breaks it blasts out heat that we cant get to stop no matter what). It takes at least one day to get anything taken care of unless you got down to the office or call them several times. The man doesnt come in until 10am and leaves by 4:30 on the dot every weekday. The size of the apt if nice for the price we pay. We had a problem with our previous roomate not returning the keys when she violated the lease and left. They wouldnt change our lock (even after they took our $25 for replacement) so we had to do it ourselves and did not get a refund until a month later. When they needed to be changed before they jut had us write the check to the man who did it not the complex.
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Brighton Meadows Apartments

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