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Liberty Mills Apartments

6101 Cornwallis Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46804



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010elcamino • Resident 2013 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2015
I am reviewing after a little over a year and a half living here. The staff is very friendly and the property is absolutely gorgeous. The apartments are fairly up to date. I have had no issues with the exception of the maintenance crew. It seems every request that I make is taken care of improperly. The piece of trim and weatherstripping on my door was warped creating a bad seal. They first put weather stripping all the way around the door. The door would then not open or close without a 200 pound man pile driving it in. So, 3 months later with no warning to me they replace the entire door and frame. Im quite certain the trim was literally installed with gutter sealant which smells of chemicals for a month because it is for GUTTERS... The door number is not aligned the same as the other doors. The peep hole is covered with dust due to lazy installation. And last but not least the door still is not sealed. Not to mention the lock and is not aligned properly. Ohh, and they never painted it... its just white with silver gutter sealant smeared everywhere. The pice of trim needed removed, ran across a jointer 3 times, painted and reinstalled. This is a 20 minute job. I could have done this in the 7th grade. The alternative is a new piece of trim that costs $3 at any home improvement store. Instead they spent $300 and made the problem worse. Absolutely horrible workmanship and a clear lack of common sense. I now simply fix everything myself. And since I am sure management will be reading this trim the massive branch covering your sign.
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Liberty Mills Apartments

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