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Liberty Mills Apartments

6101 Cornwallis Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46804



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/26/2015
If you want the truth, you need to stay away from this new management. As a past tenant for 9 years was forced to move as the new manager, Jordon, took what I deserved to get as a long term resident should get and I would have only had to pay an additional 2 dollars a month. Instead made up some reasons to raise the rent and would have charged me an additional 150+ dollars a month. Every year since for 9 years the lease was increased at least 50 dollars but had some wonderful staff to work with. They used my financial situation against me to not allow me to sign a new lease which made me ineligible for what I deserved. The place was actually a home. I had to beg to get new carpet after 8 years, and the place was never painted. There are a group of 3 people who I hated to part with( they know who they are) but the new manager and the evil office manager Karen was easy to say good bye and good riddance to. I would mention the names but I am afraid of what those people would do to them. It is all financially motivated and if you would cost them money they will make it rough on you, which leads me to the security deposit. My mistake...didn't walk through with new manager and he got me for 70.00 of damage which is BS.1) My house was always clean and he deducted money for the dingy walls. They were not dirty just discolored from years of using the oven, cooking and age. He said they were filthy!!! So now he lies to make money. KARMA will happen 2). He got me for damage to floor after the maintanance man pulled out the refrigerator and made 2 grooves on floor. At that time he told me not to worry as I had the old tile that they don't use and haven't used for years and the floor would be replaced when I moved out anyway.3) He got me for discoloration around the toilet which again was wear and tear of use and years of condensation around the toilet. Again I was told the tile would be replaced anyhow.4) The sink in bathroom was dirty. Someone must have rinsed their hands after I left cause the place was spotless when I left. 5) Carpet had some stains on it and I babied that carpet and cleaned it routinely. I had my own carpet cleaner and there was NO stains when I left. People don't even mess with this place. Rumor was they were gonna assign parking spots and start charging for any cars that leak oil and fluids, but the driveways and parking spots have holes all throughout the complex. Speed bumps that ruin your suspension and I witnessed a tenants tire rod busting . If someone who visited was in your spot then you would be liable. Nothing to do but pool is open for limited time. You have to get there early to even find a chair. A lot of young college kids moving in and have all their friends over all day. Parties they have last no kidding till 5:30am and start back up at 7am after they leave to go( I think) for breakfast. Not what it used to be like at all. You are told to call the maintanance number so they can break up parties. Maybe instead of asking the staff to break these things up maybe the manager should and he might be more picky on who he moves in. Worst experience with a management company and I have always lived in apartments since I moved out of my home some 28 years ago. Never had to write such a negative review before and I will never live in another apartment again. Congrats to this crew, if I had a trophy Liberty Mills would win hands down. If the readers wonder why I sound like I am speaking to them is because they will read these reviews. And I would have taken them to court over this but it would have not been worth the work it would entail and without pictures I could have lost. I figured after 9 years I left in good standings and never had a complaint against me. It is the truth and he proves he lies and is deceitful. I have talked to others that have had close but nothing like I had done to me. Another bad thing, they force you to take their cable which is so bad. You can get dish but you get charged if the dish company makes holes to put the dish up. Also there internet and it is pricey. Not worth it. If you choose to rent from these jokers then it is on you. I am giving you a heads up and I would hope someone would have warned me about this greedy company. Oh by the way, I give him 6 mos. then they will have another one come in to fill that position and they keep getting worse. I know, I was there 9 years. Karma, make me proud. Oh and you can have pets but got to live in 2 buildings and they charge you a lot at first for deposit of pet plus monthly fee. EXPENSIVE! If you work before noon, you can plan to plow your way out in snowstorms. That's when the contracted company comes with bobcats and clear the drive and parking spots, but if you dig yourself out they come by and replow you in. Jordon knows who I am. Renters beware!
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Liberty Mills Apartments

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