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Liberty Mills Apartments

6101 Cornwallis Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46804



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blairusc • Resident 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 12/09/2004
overall, it's a great deal. just a few things that bother me. the rent is probably a little higher than normal, but you only have to pay for electricity (heat is free). I live in the largest one bedroom apartment model there, and my utility bill has never been over $20!!! I only had to use my AC three times over the summer. The staff there does a good job. Especially Laura, she seems to know her stuff. The maintenance crew were on top of their game. They responded within 24 hours. Overall, I like it there, it's fine. Here are the annoyances I have had since I have been here though (been there since may '04):<br>1. Liberty Mills has their own cable provider. The good thing is that you can get cable for $33 a month ($12-$25 extra for HBO, Cinemax, etc.). The bad thing is you can't get comcast and I wasn't able to get directv b/c of certain restrictions. I wanted it so I could have DVR and espn gameplan, but it didn't work out. Not necessarily a bad thing, just kind of a nuisance.<br>2. The apartment itself was hastily put together in my opinion. The door handles to the cabinets were not glued together enough, so they would come off. But the maintenance guys cam and fixed it right away.<br>3. The flie, ughhhhhh, the flies!! This is the most annoying part of the apartment. I live on the 3rd floor end with a cathedral ceiling, so there are always flies there. I keep the place relatively clean. Put it this way, I have lived in much filthier circumstances, and haven't had this problem. Plus the flies aren't around the food, they are on the ceilings and flying around the lights. I have to go and swat around 5-10 each day. I called about it, and they said the orkin guy comes and sprays each month, but it doesn't do any good. They somehow find their own way in. Goes back to my point about the apartment being put together hastily.<br>Everything else if fine though. I enjoy living their just fine and will probably live there for the next couple of years.
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Liberty Mills Apartments

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