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Pointe Inverness



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Wm. Lee • Resident 2009 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2014
I'd like to Personally thank Kelly and Robert for them and the team at Pointe Inveness apartments for all that they do. I have been a resident here for over FIVE years and have experienced a group of individuals that are attentive and caring to residents of Pointe Inverness. Being a resident and a business owner myself, I certainly understand the restrictions that local management and the team have. I'm also aware that from the Top-Down that the team of individuals that run the day to day opporation here on our property. Give Us the residents 100 percent daily. So team THANK YOU! for making my experience here as a resident, one of enjoyment and gratitude. Whenever I have had any issue minor or large, your prompt communication and attention has been subperb. So Meredith, Kyla, Aaron and Yoseph, Thank You! Kelly and Robert Thank you for the leadership you provide and the team you have assembled to ensure that the quality of this property is met and the services that you provide are delivered, in the most effective professional manner possible. I just renewed my lease, in my fourth apartment, since Febuary of 2009. Your commitment is why I have stayed a devoted Resident!
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Pointe Inverness

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