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Regency Park Apartments



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Office Staff
owletkeeper • Resident 2013 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 05/15/2014
You get what you pay for. Certainly, these are not the nicest apartments in town, but they are acceptable. Maintenance is very slow, if they remember you at all. You have to make several calls down to the office in order to have anything done. Walls are paper thin. We could hear the details of our neighbor's conversations. Insulation is HORRIBLE. We were very diligent about conserving electricity and reducing costs, but in the winter our electric bill was well over $100 due to losing so much heat...and we still felt cold all the time. As far as crime goes, if you stay out of trouble, trouble stays away from you. There were occasionally suspicious people wandering around the parking lots, but for the most part, I felt safe here. We didn't have any issues with bugs as a couple other reviewers have mentioned. We lived towards the front of the complex, and that was for the better. One fine day, we took a walk around to the back and those units looked quite scary. They are remodeling slowly, so maybe eventually it will look alright back there. But for now it looks really rough the further back you go. Anyways, when you're living in the cheapest place around, what do you expect? Pretty much how it is.
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Regency Park Apartments

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