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Regency Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2010
I've lived here two months and have had nothing but trouble. People smoke pot on their patios. I see cops serving warrants. In the first week I was here I had people come to my door on two occasions looking to buy drugs. Apparently the previous tenet was a dealer - and I'm not so naive to think he was the only one here! The neighbors had a party last week, on a weekday, and their music was so loud, after 11pm, that it woke up the baby. A couple weeks ago when I was tossing a bag of garbage in the dumpster, a police officer pulled up in his car and showed me a picture of a man, asking if I'd seen him. I hadn't - but other people had. Apparently he's a drug addict that has been breaking into people's cars here. And the cherry on this horrid sundae: two people were shot here yesterday. I don't like to look out my window and see police tape across the parking lot. The fact that they do criminal background checks when you move in doesn't really mean much because I'm guessing that a lot of the people who rent here didn't have a criminal record when they moved in but will have one by the time they move out. Disgusting people.
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Regency Park Apartments

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