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1604 Reed Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815
1604 Reed Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815

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Regency Park Apartments



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Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/11/2008
I'm a current tenant with this complex and have six months remaining on my lease. I am counting the days until I can move. Since moving here there have been SO many problems I could write a book. Bugs, issues with the showerhead due to metal pieces in the pipes, not to mention the police might as well be residents here they are called so often. There has rarely been a week since I've moved here that the cops haven't been called for one reason or another. I even was pulled over because my car looked like one that they were looking for in the complex (embarrassing!). Just last night someone was shot (it was on the news), a few months before that one of the buildings was shot at. I've seen cars raided on drug busts, and a guy upstairs from me was hauled away in handcuffs at 10pm one night (and he did not go quietly). The kicker is this: I moved in at the beginning of February. By summer, I tried to use my A/C and found it wasn't working. Not knowing any better, I called the front desk. I have an infant daughter and it was 85 degrees in my apartment at 6pm. I called and was told maintenance was gone. I called back ten minutes later and demanded someone look at the unit. The woman was very rude but eventually said she'd have someone there in 20 minutes. The maintenance guy showed up and stated "I'm almost positive we need to replace this unit because it went out last summer with the last tenant". That means they have an ENTIRE YEAR to fix it and didn't bother. On top of that I'm having a huge problem with the carpets. Whoever has cleaned them previously did a terrible job because all the dirt is buried and keeps rising to the surface. No matter how much I clean it, I can't get rid of the stains and dirt. My daughter walks around barefoot after a shower and in ten minutes her feet are filthy. I have more ruined socks than I know what to do with from trying to protect her feet. Those are the biggest issues but there are even more that I could list. But in conclusion, this has got to be one of the worst complexes in Fort Wayne.
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Regency Park Apartments

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