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St Joe Place



Resident · 2013 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
DO NOT live here. The manager is NEVER in her office and NEVER helps anyone, she is lazy, rude and sarcastic when she actually takes a second out of her busy time to deal with real issue pertaining to the apartment, she directs you to students at the desk to do her job while she takes 3 hour lunch breaks, leaves early and is NEVER in the office. The noise is horrible, beer bottles, garbage and violence all over the place. The tenants from Can***** apartments across the street brings in a lot of crime. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE GATES AT ST JOE PLACE!!!! You can only use the pool for a few hours and the fitness room is only is always full. The tanning bed has bad bulbs and you don't even get a tan. Anyone can get in.... for over six months the exit security gate was broke and when they do fix them CARS WILL WAIT AT ENTRANCE TO GET IN and fights in the swimming pool and basketball courts from the ALL THE DRUNKS. The maintence worker is a old creepy man that comes in your apartment with NO notice AT ALL!!!! Every single person that has lived here tries to get out within months because of the POOR mangement!!!! LOOK on their site, everyday someone is BEGGING to find someone to get out of their lease, parents are willing to pay free rent to get their kids out of these apartments. NO ONE ever leaves these apartments saying "wow, that was a nice place to live." EVER!!! Not to mention the utilities are outrages, if your apartment is close to the breezeway you will freeze in the winter and melt in the summer. No matter what unit you live in, the toilets always back-up. Good luck finding maintence because all they do is ride their golf carts around and are NEVER around when you need them, took almost 2 hours to get someone to unlock the door when my roomate got locked out plus a huge fee! In the winter, you better hope your car can get thru 2-4 ft. of snow because they WILL NOT ever plow but in the front office area. If I could rate the safety and the manager at St. Joe it would be -10
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St Joe Place

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