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Steeplechase at Parkview



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Office Staff
teviston • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/27/2015
The office staff markets this place as luxury apartments, and yes, it is a nice area and the grounds and the buildings look nice, but we had several major issues with our stay here. Air conditioning did not work when we first moved in July of 2014, and it took maintenance two whole days to resolve the issue...in the peak of summer...It goes without saying, but we were miserably hot, and maintenance thought they had fixed the issue by tinkering with the A.C. units outside of the building, but did not bother to come inside to check that they indeed had fixed it, which they hadn't. The vents were still blocked (the place was new at the time), and the thermostat was malfunctioning. Thus we continued to sweat for another whole day. The second week we lived there, our deck and living room became infested with bird mites (I had never heard of them either before living here) because of a bird nest on the deck below us. Another issue that should have been resolved before our move in date if they had properly checked the apartment to see that it was livable. Upon our complaining, one office lady downplayed the issue saying "You're worried about those little things?" Yes, yes I am. There's thousands of them, and they're in our living room. The maintenance guy even scoffed at her remark. There is only one dumpster for the ENTIRE complex, so if you don't live in close proximity you will be driving your trash to it. Also, it is a compactor model that malfunctioned more than once leaving residents to pile their trash up outside of it creating a landfill scene. I've seen it plenty of times to the point where it has to be a violation of some kind. It didn't even need to malfunction before people would start piling their trash up on the ground outside of it simply because it was filled. Make sure to give your 60 days notice before the end of your lease if you intend to move out. If not, you end up with the month to month rate which is the market rate rent + $220 a month, by far the highest month to month up-charge I've ever heard of. Those are typically only 50 or so bucks extra a month. Upon moving out, we were also stuck with losing a large chunk of our deposit because the manager deemed that our apartment needed new carpet because of a 'strong cat odor' that neither I nor the contractor working in my old apartment had smelled. Our two cats had never once gone outside of their box, and my girlfriend and I are really clean, young, professionals aka not crazy cat ladies. We would not stand living in those kinds of conditions. Unless you like overpaying for an apartment complex with one dumpster, a mediocre maintenance staff, a propensity for bug infestation, and a manager that will keep your deposit for problems that don't exist, steer clear. Your dollar will go way further at several places in the same area.
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Steeplechase at Parkview

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