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Willow Creek Crossing



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Office Staff
anonymousandtired • Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2016
Living here was horrible. First of all the place should be condemned. Every year around fall, I had mice in my apartment. Lying at night in your bed, you could just hear them climbing in the walls. Once I got up from my toilet after peeing and one ran out from behind my toilet and brushed against my foot. Another time after my shower, I walked into my bedroom to have another mouse run out. My 8 month old son even got his fingers STUCK in a trap! Every time I complained all I got was traps. It was so bad that they even ran out of traps! One week, each day I came home from work, there was another dead mouse in a trap. I even told the office staff and she laughed with my oldest son present when I told her she needed to poison the place. Second it's dirty. I lived there for some years, and I only saw cleaning staff twice. The halls were always dirty and it was so bad I even had to vacuum the halls and pick up trash like once a rotten banana peel. Third they do not salt the icy sidewalks- again I did this where I lived. My children and I fell more than once and got hurt bad!!!! Once when I fell, my knee and hands were cut and covered in blood. Another time, I was carrying my baby in and slipped, as I fell, I made sure he won't get hit bad like hitting his poor not fully formed head, so I let myself fall back onto my back as I held him out, hurting my back and head crying. My oldest son had to grab my baby as I forced myself inside. The next day at work, I never miss, I kept getting ask by my manager what was wrong with me, and I told him, I fell on ice not salted at my apt hurting my head and back. They told me to go home and to go to the doctor, but I had no insurance- Really messed up. That was my pay for the day gone. Fourth don't expect to get your mail in the winter, they moved the mailboxes outside so they freeze shut, and it's not their problem. Nor do they salt around the mailboxes either so we would fall there, and my oldest son got hurt and his pants torn. Fifth, always expect to spend a fortune on new blinds. They put cheap blinds in all the apartments and if you touch them, no joke they fall apart. They do maintenance checks twice a year where they come in and if your blinds are torn at all they replace them at your cost. Sixth, everything in there is junk- my patio door would not even lock and I reported that many times and my storage unit was covered in mold. My kitchen cabinets would break all the time. Seventh, upon moving out, they will keep your deposit and charge you hundreds. I never signed a lease stating I would never smoke in my apartment. If you ever did, they will replace your carpet and repaint your walls even if you lived there for a couple of years at your expense claiming nobody can live there after you due to the cigarettes, and I only smoked in there a few times. Eighth, they leave nasty notes on your doors stating they will come in due to anything such as once a candy wrapper in the hallways! Each neighbor got this note and they never cleaned!!!!!! They said if they found another candy wrapper in the halls they would investigate each apartment- no joke like what?! Staff is rude. Ninth, the water bill is shared between apartments in the buildings. They split the cost between the neighbors, and the bills are inaccurate. Heat bills and electricity is insane there. I had so many electronic items break. Some of my things would work in some outlet but not others. . My heating blanket overheated and broke. My cables to my computer broke and another surge cord burned out. My fridge even went out, and I called immediately saying I had to go to work and fix it and of course they didn't, and I had to throw about 100 dollars of food out. On my renewal paper they were going to charge me five dollars more a month then what my apartment was being charged for- which is illegal!!! And now HUD is involved with them? So again, they do apartment checks as in check for stains, if it's dirty, etc- telling you how you must live in your own place!!!!!!!!!! Seriously don't move there unless you want to be screwed over living in filth and with mice and being told how to live. And when I was moving out, they told my new apartment complex where I was moving to that I was still under a lease with them!!!! Cost me a fortune to replace everything there since they failed HUD, and I wasn't even living in a government apartment, and I am still replacing all my electronics that broke there.
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Willow Creek Crossing

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