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Willow Creek Crossing



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Jayrocsmith • Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/26/2017
Disclaimer... please understand that the opinions expressed herein this review are merely that my opinion and they are not meant to be taken as fact but merely the opinion of a four-time resident since 1991. We are 9 months into our current lease here at Willow Creek Crossing. In that 9 months for neighbors we have had a man below us that sold drugs in front of the building. He was also charged with two felony sex crimes he is now convicted and in prison. The neighbor that lives across the hall from us has an ex who is a convicted crack cocaine dealer. who got their last apartment raided. He used to stay with her throughout the day and in my opinion overnight. For 2 months we lived with a pedophile in the apartment below us. We were told they would be leaving by the end of December but this did not happen. In my opinion management allowed them to stay an extra 30 days just because they asked to . I'm sure this was easy for them to do as it was not their child who had to sleep right above a pedophiles room or pass him in the hallway regularly . Please understand that we have a little boy so this was all very concerning to us. We have one car all of our neighbors have more than one car and we can never get a parking spot. The neighbors we got after the pedophile moved out have a 200 pound English Mastiff. This is One of the largest dog breeds in the world and currently holds the record as the world's heaviest dog. They would not put their dog on a leash and never picked up the dog's feces. This was concerning as a dog that size can easily kill or mame a child . After several complaints about the dog's feces they started to pick it up and store it in Meijer bags on their back porch along with the puppy pads from where the dog would poop inside. We were advised that the tenants were given a final warning but we reported it three more times after that with no consequences. Please understand they live in the second closest apartment to the dumpster. You will also be asked to sign a bed bug addendum. If you don't know what this is you should definitely look it up. The apartment they originally tried to rent to us had a history of bedbugs and that information was not provided to us until we asked for it specifically. They do apartment inspections twice a year now. You will be given some notice that they will be entering your apartment. They will go through all your closets, cabinets, Pantry, stove, microwave, dishwasher anything that came with the apartment will be thoroughly gone through and checked for damage for which you will be charged. That is just my opinion. The dumpsters constantly overflow. Rather than pay for a second dumpster the maintenance man will come and pick the garbage up off of the ground and put it in their trucks. Really I could just keep going on. So From the bottom of my family's heart we say to you please please consider other options we truly wish we would have.
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Willow Creek Crossing

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