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Willow Creek Crossing



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Office Staff
gt10 • Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/29/2010
This place is in need of serious remodeling. The cabinets and counter tops look as if they are original from the 70's when the place was first built (and I'm fairly sure they are). It's disgusting. And I guess before we moved in they just re-grouted the tiles in the shower when they really should have put new tile in because after taking only a few showers the new grouting started falling off and uncovered nasty black and brown crap. I keep cleaning it but it wont come off, they should have put total new tile in. And the first time I did laundry here there was a terrible smell coming from the laundry area, and it still happens though it's not as bad when I wash with hot water so now I do all loads in hot. But it's totally disgusting. I don't even think my clothes are getting clean and my towels especially smell bad sometimes. This place is just way too old and run down for my taste. But the price is cheap which we needed since I got laid off and we didn't have much time to look so we said ok we'll go here. But I can't wait to get out the second our lease is up. And the walls are really thin. We can always hear people walking up and down the stairs, the whole building shakes. And cars playing loud music are pretty frequent as well. Also, when first coming in to the office to fill out the application, we already knew our credit is bad from when we were younger and said we had a co-signer yet the lady proceeded to print out our reports and question and berate us over every negative thing. Hello, we already told you about it before you printed the reports. Never in my life have I encountered such rudeness. No other apartment complexes have ever gone over our reports right in front of us and question us about it. They usually print them after we leave and then call to say yes you're approved or no you're not. That's it, nothing more than yes or no. But this lady questioned us over things from 8 years ago as if she works for those companies or something. Totally rude! The only good things I can say about this place other than the price is that maintenance came in a timely manner when we needed something fixed (though he walked all over the carpet with his shoes on, totally gross and rude), parking is fine, and our unit had new carpet.
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Willow Creek Crossing

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