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Westbrook Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 04/17/2002
I have been living in Westbrook Apartments since 1998. I have not done any damage to my apartment. When repairs are needed I report them. I have never been late on my rent. I requested some new carpet for my entire apartment almost a year ago. The manager approved my request. At that time I informed her that I would be painting my apartment and that as soon as I completed the painting I would call her regarding my carpet. She told me at that time, to take my time and just inform her when I´m ready. If there was a change in the policy and procedure, I should have been informed. I purchased the best paint on the market, because I wanted it to look nice ... and it does. The paint that I purchased should last for at least 10 years. So, this apartment should not have to be painted for 10 years. This along should save Westbrook some money. It has taken me longer to paint than expected, because I work long hours. I just recently contacted the manager and informed her that I was now ready to have my carpet installed. I was informed at that time that Westbrook could only install carpet in my living room. The manager also, informed me that the reason Westbrook was only installing in the living room was because other tenants had damaged the carpet in the past. That should not have anything to do with me. When I moved in my apartment I did not have new carpet (it was very old). I had NO carpet in my bedrooms. I have referred many tenants to Westbrook Apartments and every single tenant has received new carpet. In closing, I feel it should not be any problem for Westbrook to provide me with new carpet, because I have been a great tenant and I am just trying to keep your apartment livable. When and if I move any time soon, this apartment will not have to have any major repairs. I will continue to try and keep your apartment looking nice for me and/or the next tenant. One last thing, the management staff is wonderful and great people to work with. They are very helpful and understanding. I know that if the manager could work this out for me she would, because she knows that I am a good tenant. I´m sure this change has come from a little higher up. PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR YOUR GOOD TENANT´S, BECAUSE GOOD TENANT´S ARE HARD TO FIND.
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Westbrook Apartments

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