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Spring Lake Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2012
My boyfriend and I have lived here since January of this year and it has been hell... The staff is careless and very rude. Especially the manager. We have two dogs that we got because i didn't feel safe being pregnant and being home alone while he was at work. They told us it was 300 for the deposit and 25 per dog a month. They are charging us now 50 per dog. We have a baby due in less than the weeks and don't have extra money to be doing this. The noise here is ridiculous and won't be taken care of no matter how many times you complain. Some people like it here some don't... Not to mention they "never got"a money order that we know for sure we turned in and list 350 dollars of our rent. We pay on time and a little extra a month to avoid things like this. This place will be going down soon. And I'll make sure of it. They are shady and I've never felt so screwed over in my life. I do not recommend this place to anybody. We should've listened to people before we moved in...
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Spring Lake Apartments

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