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Castlebury Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
This apartment is the bottomless pit of Greencastle Apartments. There is an endless list of reasons to stay away. 1. Maintenance Staff - One imparticular, extremely extremely rude and always comments on everything, including your private contract with the landlord. When they come to do whatever in your apartment, if your in the shower they don't care they'll come in and do as they please. 2. Very poor condition - the apartments themselves are horrifying, the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom are so old they are coming apart from the walls themselves (literally). The windows are so cheap that you have to put plastic over them during at least the winter unless you want your apartment to literally stay at about 60 degrees. Around the windows and the seals of them, there are cracks going through to the outside making it worse. My curtains blew during winter storms and I had plastic over the actual windows. The closet doors are metal. Which this is not the worst thing, but they are very loud when your open and close them. The carpet has been the same for over 20 years in my apartment. Some apartments have newer carpet. But cheap. If you have a good vacuum cleaner, dont use it on these carpets cause it'll suck the threads up. 3. Very Routine Check-ups- The staff understandably is supose to do check-ups, they promise 2 a year that's fine. But they are in your apartment doing "check-ups" seems like every other month. And when the landlord isn't doing that, maitenance is here doing something. So don't walk around naked. 4. People- the main people that live here are drug addicts or people who don't want to do much with there life. Drug capitol!! Durning the summer, people will blare music and do as they please outside. Very rude themselves. My care was broken into the first week I moved here and stole all my wedding pictures. Trust me stay away from these apartments if you can.
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Castlebury Apartments

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