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Round Barn Manor Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
When i first came to this complex i really liked the setup. After being here almost a year i have come to tthe realization that this place is in need of crucial repair. The management would rather leave a notice on your door then to talk to you about an ACCUSATION. The way they would rather patch a problem over rather than fix it really gets me. In order to keep mold and mildew off your shower and Windows you must clean with bleach on a daily basis. When informed of the problem i was left with no answers but rather a note on my door that says the lease states that it is my problem. When it was time for state inspection the management had maintenance come around and put kilz on molded spots and to put new caucking in the tub so the mold wasnt noticeable. The carpet is ridiculously unsanitary. Instead of replacing whole rooms the replace sections that is very noticeable. The cabinets look nice but are warped the closet doors in every room are sprung and do not stay shut as they should. The worst part is the significant amount of dog feces that you have to walk through to take out your trash or take your child or pet for a walk. Parking here is also ridiculous. People take 2 spots to park and parking more than one vehicle in the front row. Get your stuff together Round Barn Manor..... and one last thing... the whole nine months i have been here there is a man who sits in his car with it running fro 9pm to 3-5 AM. When informed of this situation the management did nothing to resolve this problem. How is a single mom supposed to take her dog out in the dark and leave her 13 month old child in the apartment when she doesn't know what is going to happen? When someone informs you of a critical safety allegation, shouldn't you at least try to resolve it. Poor management. ..
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Round Barn Manor Apartments

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