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Pinebrook Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/10/2008
The apartment personnel did not do a move-out inspection. They charged me for cleaning every little thing at move out, regardless of the fact that I personally cleaned about 8 to 9 hours. I like to leave an apartment clean and even moved out a week early so I would have ample time to shampoo the carpet and clean everything. That didn't matter, cause they are going to find something wrong with it anyway. Additionally, they came up with all these little damages and overcharged big time on those. They charged over $500 even after I did all the work. I have worked as management for a large chain of apartment properties for about 8 years, so I know quite a bit about the industry. This place is trying to make extra money when a resident leaves by saying the place has to be perfect by their standard, which is practically impossible to meet. This is against Indiana law which just calls for you to leave a place in reasonable condition with normal wear and tear. I've also rented a lot of apartments in my time and never had a case like this, because I do a good job of cleaning. I wouldn't recommend taking the chance here, because it's not that great an apartment and traffic from Smith Valley is really loud. In addition, there are no amenities and I doubt there will ever be, because they are too driven by profits. But if you have to live here, get a move-in inspection and move-out inspection with them. Take lots of pictures of everything at move-out. Document everything. Have some extra money ready to pay them off. Don't bother taking them to court like I did, you'll just waste your time, because the judge will take their side and stick it to you anyway.
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Pinebrook Apartment Homes

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