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Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2005
I can't say that it was all bad -- it started out well. Friend of mine lived here for quite sometime and recommended it. Since I moved back to the area, it seemed like a nice place and I moved in.<br><br>At first things were alright and I was fairly happy. Maintenance was done, albeit alright, but done on a timely matter and my neighbors were a little elderly, so they were nice and quiet. How things have changed.<br><br>Maintenance is the biggest problem now. As I speak, my "newly tweaked" air conditioning -- does not work. It only goes down two degrees and maintenance told me to simply turn off the registers in other rooms I don't use. What rooms don't I use in a one bedroom?!? I keep requesting it to be fixed and it goes ignored.<br><br>My front door's frame is worn away and every year the door has to be slammed to be shut until I harrass them to fix it. I've told them the whole frame needs to be replaced but they keep doing a "quick fix" rather than actually fixing it.<br><br>Whenever they water the lawns in front, everyone has scolding hot water coming from all their pipes and when you sit down on the toilet you can actually feel how hot the water is against your rear. Their excuse? Well the city has to come rip up the streets to fix the plumbing so it's out of their hands. In other words, deal with it. If you work odd hours, you have to get up early in the morning to take a shower before they turn on the sprinklers because you will definitely be burned.<br><br>Half of my faucets and light fixtures are backwards, meaning if you want cold water, turn towards hot. If you want the light on, turn it off. Nice, huh?<br><br>Complaints from my other neighbors included the concern that workers have been in their apartments. A neighbor of mine told me they thought they saw my new boyfriend. Really! Didn't know I had one. Turns out that after any maintenance request, they'd hang out on my porch and smoke.<br><br>Workers would leave their garbage in my apartment after repairs. They also left my door open in the middle of winter and then said that I did it. Whatever!<br><br>Every year I had to request that the air be cranked up and the heat be fixed. At first they were good about it, now they are lousy.<br><br>The well-lit parking lot is now dark until 9 pm. I believe they are trying to save money and risking our security. Plus, plenty of people like to invite their friends over to hang out for what seems like weeks and parking will dwindle to a minimum. There have been car thefts and I think mine was tampered with because my key fits funny in the lock.<br><br>My other neighbors have complained about the kids who are running wild all over the lawns. Seems there are some single families here who think that everyone should look after their kids instead of them.<br><br>There are a LOT of vacancies lately and long-term neighbors have moved out. That means people that have been here 20 years have taken off. BAD SIGN. They also seem to be renting to some party people who think that their cars are sound proof in the middle of the night. <br><br>One of my rooms needed to be repaired due to weather and damage to the ceiling and I had to sleep on my couch for three weeks . When I asked about compensation they offered to "paint my apartment." Please! As for monetary compensation, they said: "Our tenants would be grateful that we fixed it."<br><br>Absolutely pathetic.<br><br>The roof leaks, there are bugs everywhere (and they no longer spray as I've had to get ant traps) and I have had enough. Although the rent is fairly good and the raise in rent has not been bad, I'm fed up and moving to another town.<br><br>I recommend you skip this until they get their &$^% together. Their maintenance is pretty bad and they seem as if they're forgetting that good tenants bring money in. I suspect that they're trying to keep their budget down but they're neglecting serious requests in my opinion. I'm sorry to leave so ticked off but in the meantime, only move here if you're desperate for an apartment.
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