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Hampton in Highland



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foemangler • Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2014
Took a chance moving in, and definitely glad we left. Tenants beneath us called to complain about our noise levels several times each week. We lived very quietly and did not play loud music or do aerobics. We do not have kids and did not have visitors often. They left letters on our door, sent their young children up to talk to us, basically harassed us constantly but would never talk to us personally. They also stank up our apartment with incense regularly. The office's response was to ask us to be more considerate tenants! As others have stated, we had EXTEME difficulty getting a copy of the lease. They claimed to have mailed it several times but it never appeared. One of the workers also stated she could get fired for letting us have a copy after we signed it (they no longer work there now). We finally got on after visiting the office and asking for it personally several times. Maintenance were nice and punctual but not very effective. One toilet was worked on 6 times and still ran and did not flush correctly. Constant problems with power outages. The laundry room is a nightmare; three sets of pay machines for something like 24 units, and often one or two of them was out of service. People often left laundry in them for hours while others had to wait. Finally (again as others have complained), they will do everything and anything to soak you to the bone on your deposit. They trump up charges and invent more. Our "refund" came in the form of a huge BILL with all kinds of random charges we'd never heard of and never been charged before. Be warned, even if you see a crazy list of what you could be charged when you leave, it will not be as much as the final total. They even want to charge you $50 for losing a pool access card they print up on a 10-cent piece of plastic. Good luck ever seeing that money, Hampton.
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Hampton in Highland

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