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Hampton in Highland



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AJ1914 • Resident 2012 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2015
DO NOT MOVE TO HAMPTON IN HIGHLAND!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!! I have lived in multiple apt complexes, but nothing rates lower than these apts. Here are my reason for warning people to stay away: 1) Apts are old and outdated! 2) Unfortunately we lived there for 3 yrs, and my rent went up twice, and the price they were asking for was not worth it. 3) The staff were very courteous...I will admit that, but I think that is how they trick people into moving there. 4) We were not allowed to even see our actual apt before we moved in...we didn't lay eyes on it for the first time until we were the day we moved in. 5) The quality of who they allowed to rent there went down. We had a drug dealer leaving next door to us!!! 6) They made false promises...they stated that if we renewed our lease by a certain day, then we could have our carpet shampooed. They never fulfilled that promise. 7) We had a silverfish problem!! Exterminators came to spray twice, but it did no good. 8) Once you had over that security deposit...kiss it goodbye. They deduct fees for repainting and shampooing the carpet....but they will trump up the charges and find other things to charge you for. They actually sent me a BILL!!!!! Never had that happen before. 9) We hated having to share laundry facilities!!! We lived on the third floor and would have to carry baskets of clothes up and down with the hopes that no one else was using it. All in all...don't move there!!!! Highland of course is a very nice neighborhood, but I would not move to that spot...GO ELSEWHERE!!!
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Hampton in Highland

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