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2300 Azalea Drive, Highland, IN 46322
2300 Azalea Drive, Highland, IN 46322

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Hampton in Highland



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vuvec • Resident 2013 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/23/2017
First, lets talk costs. The units are pretty pricey to begin with, and they will increase your rent by $40/month every single year. Also, due to their security deposit policy, you will never see that deposit again when moving out, even if the unit is in pristine condition. Don't believe them if they tell you otherwise- the woman at the counter lied to me several times about the pricing. First time she told me that she'd freeze in the price after 5 years so it would stop increasing every year, but that turned out to be untrue. She also told me that you get the security deposit back if your unit is clean enough, but that was also a lie. Another very important detail is their parking policy. Every night, they have a very shady group of guys come through and tow any vehicle without a parking pass. My neighbor says money in her car was missing the next morning a few weeks after they started doing that, so keep your valuables locked away safe. My neighbor told me she hosted a guest overnight, and in the morning the guest's car was gone and they had to pay $200 to these guys who operated out of a bedroom to get the car back. Unfortunately, the complex doesn't give you a guest pass, so you can't host guests overnight unless you work it out with them much earlier in the day during office hours. Overall the community is dirty and unsafe, lots of loud kids running around in the complex and through the hallways leaving trash everywhere. I'd recommend avoiding at all costs.
Hampton in Highland Manager10/09/2017

We are very sorry to hear you've had less than a pleasurable experience here with us! Our hope is that all of our residents feel like Hampton is their "home". We would also like to clear up a few misconceptions in your review. Although you may feel our rent is pricey, they are competitive with our market in the area. In fact, our apartments are so large that the rent is actually less per square foot than many other communities. While rent does increase every year, (like all things do these days), we are always willing to work with our residents. While some portion of your security deposit is kept, we are upfront and include this information with the rental paperwork. Other apartment communities charge a full month's rent for a security deposit; ours is only $500 for a one bedroom. Yes, we are strict on our parking policy. The parking rules are in place to ensure our residents receive prime parking spots instead of their visitors. Guess passes are always available and we have 4 visitor parking areas throughout the community. In addition, if there are any areas that are not being maintained, please contact the office. We pride ourselves on offering a clean community. Our residents do feel safe here and we work very closely with the Highland Police Department to deter any 'mischief. Although we are sad you did not find our community enjoyable, we still want to thank you for being a resident!

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Hampton in Highland

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