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Hampton in Highland



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2012
I lived here for 5 years, and like all rental communitues, it has it's ups & downs. The ups outweigh the downs. They do take alot of the security deposit, but they also have deposit specials, so the deposit you put down is not that much, and what they take from it, is mostly highlighted in the lease every year. We knew we would not get much back, after the painting, carpet cleaning, we were fully aware it would eat up our low deposit! We were charged for small things as well, which we were at fault for. Before we signed the lease, we did a tour, we knew what we were moving into!! The appliances are old, and we knew this. So can't complain about something we toured and saw! It's an apartment, not a new fancy home. One of the downs would be the laundry room, they definitely need to update the washers & dryers, they charge too much and alot of times the clothes do not even dry, so it can get pricey to do laundry there. Overall, it's a clean/safe community. As for the staff, when we called for repairs, questions, they were always answered quickly, and repairs taken care of pretty quickly. I had a couple bad instances, but always received a call back with an apology or someone explaining to me why something was taken care of in a certain way. They do alot of nice things for residents too, they have Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny there, they have games & stuff to win prizes, pretty good deal! They do increase rent too much, but again, I knew the increase, and signed the lease, I could have moved! But I felt safe and happy where we were. We only moved out because we purchased a home.
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Hampton in Highland

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