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4656 Edwardian Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46254
4656 Edwardian Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46254

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Abington Apartments



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andy54321 • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2015
2015-THIS IS A WARNING! I have had so many horrible experiences living here, I almost don't no where to start. First off the MANAGER here is beyond shady, she lie and steals money from the tenants by charging the extra fees that are not listed in the lease agreement. Then when you try to talk to her about issues and concerns she locks up in her office and have her assistant's tell the tenants that she's in a meeting, on a conference call, or she's really sick.(SICK IN THE HEAD) Like really, who come's to work when they're feeling that bad(CLEARLY A LIE). Not only does she pretend to be unavailable, so she doesn't t have to deal with the tenants issues. She and her assistant's talks crap about the people living on the property, on number of occasion my self and a couple other people have over heard her them saying things about people when they leave the office. Very unprofessional and ------ I tell you. The initial RED FLAG was when I stop by to inquire about the apartments I was told by her assistant that all units are total electric, all to find out after I signed my lease that they are electric and gas. Then when I brought it to their attention, I was told they never said that. SAFETY- It's definitely not a safe place to live, during the summer and winter of 2014 there where two people murdered, one shot multiple times while sitting in his car and the other was robbed, I heard. Not only that several people apartments have been broken into and an elderly lady was robbed at gun point while sitting in her car in FRONT of her apartment (WHICH WAS ON THE NEWS). MANINTANANCE- Lazy as hell, they come out and fix things only on their time, and they cut corners just to get in an out quickly. Needless to say, I cannot wait until my lease is up, so me my husband, and kids can get the hell out of hear, I CANNOT WAIT. This has been by far the worst experience we've ever had living in an apartment complex.
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Abington Apartments

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