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Aspen Lake's Apartment Homes



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
I lived at Aspen Lakes for about 16 months. Pros: --> The area is really quiet and safe. I felt comfortable walking around at night by myself I needed to. -->Its pretty secure. Each building is access controlled by key code. I think each person has their own key code. I shopped online a LOT. USPS packages go to the office but FedEx and UPS packages were delivered to your doorstep. At first, when I'd go out of town, I'd email the office to have them pick the package up from my door and save it in the office storage for me. Once, I didn't realize that some things had been delivered to my doorstep. I had been out of town for like 2 weeks and it was still there. After that, I didn't bother to have the office pick my packages up. If I was gone for a week or two, there would just be a pile of packages at my door. I'm not suggesting that everyone do this.. I'm just saying that i felt safe. I was on the 3rd floor and there was very little traffic up there. -->They take care of maintenance really quickly and make special effort to do routine maintenance, as well.. things like fire extinguisher testing, furnace filter changing, etc. -->I think i only logged two maintenance requests while I lived there and they were both taken care of within 24 hours. One was a balcony sliding door issue, the other was a burned out light bulb in the hallway. -->There was plenty of parking near my building. I can't comment on every part of the complex, but my area had lots of parking. There are designated guest lots. If you're not near one.. that might be annoying, but there was one right next to my building. It was great when i had family visit. -->Rent is pretty reasonable when you're in a 1 year lease. -->I lived in the 1 BR Phase II and my utility bills were pretty low. I wore shorts in my apartment pretty much year-round and my electricity bill ranged from like $60 to $120. -->The pool looked really nice (I never used it) -->The location is convenient because Kroger is pretty close by -->They have crews come out right away to clean up ice and snow. I worked from home while I lived at Aspen Lakes and I'd see plows out within hours of any significant snow. -->They take really good care of the landscaping. It looks really nice all of the time. --> Pretty decent gym -->The management/office staff are all really friendly --> I got my entire security deposit back! The negatives: -->The phase II apartments only have ATT U-verse. The internet options are terribly slow and expensive. -->The walls are a bit thin. I didn't have any issues but if i was sitting in my living room, and someone was running up the stairs in the hallway, I'd be able to feel it. Not sure if the person below me was ever annoyed by my walking around. -->The lease is REALLY long. There are a lot of terms and the rules are enforced pretty strictly. You might want to request a copy to read early before you go to sign. --> Not much flexibility with lease terms. Before I moved in, I knew I'd likely need 16 months or so. There wasn't a way for me to sign a 16 month lease instead of a 12 month lease. I ended up going month to month for the last 4 months. Month to month was a whopping extra $175 month. The kicker was that even though you only owe a 30 day notice to vacate, you don't get back prorated rent per the lease terms (its easy to miss since the lease is like 15 pages long). So, even though I moved out on the 15th, I had to pay for the entire month of rent. I effectively lost $477 OR paid $294/month extra to go month to month. --> Although the landscaping looks great, the negative is that it felt like they mowed the lawn really often.. which is annoying if you're home and can hear it all morning. --> Taking a left turn onto Southport road during rush hour is pretty much impossible Anyways, if i didn't leave the state, I would absolutely still live at Aspen Lakes. I'd recommend it to anyone that wants a quiet place to live.
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Aspen Lake's Apartment Homes

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