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Aspen Lake's Apartment Homes



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I did not have a good experience living in Aspen Lakes. The apartments are TERRIBLY inefficient! Our electric bill for a 2 bedroom apartment was in excess of $300 for the entire winter, compared to $40-$60 in the summer. I moved into a 3 bedroom home with double the space and still have not seen my bill reach this amount. Even with our bill being high, my bedroom on average was 50 degrees throughout the winter (I bought a thermometer to keep track)! So I was paying $300+ a month and getting sick because my room was so cold! We contacted the office and they did send out service who gave us some pointers but still no change in our bill. The complex did nothing further to compensate for the inefficiency. Fast forward, we move out of our apartment (I could not endure another freezing, expensive, winter). A year and a half after we move out, I receive a notice from a collection agency stating that I have an outstanding balance with the complex. NO ONE contacted me! So I call the office and am told that the bill was sent to my roommate ONE time 1.5 years ago (she said she never received it). When I asked why they did not contact the other person on the lease (mind you, my checks were the ONLY ones used to pay the rent for the year we lived there so it makes no sense that they contacted her anyway) or even try to call one of us, they told me they were not obligated to do so. We BOTH filled out exit forms, so they had BOTH of our contact information, but rather than allowing me the opportunity to pay the bill by making ANY attempt to contact me, I now have a late/credit collections payment on my credit history. Then the woman had the nerve to tell me I should have called her to see if I owed them any money after I was already told at checkout that I would not be receiving my security deposit back (full disclosure: we did have damage to our carpet but we were specifically told that our security deposit would be used/withheld to cover it)! So in summary, I would not recommend anyone live here. I do not feel I got my money's worth while living in this extremely inefficient apartment. I also think their business practices are UNACCEPTABLE, I'm sure not a single person in that office would appreciate having their accounts handled in the way they handled mine.
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Aspen Lake's Apartment Homes

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