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Auburn Hill Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
At Auburn Hill, as with any apartment complex, there are affirmatives and negatives (I hate the words pros and cons). I will examine both sides. Affirmatives: Safety- I have heard stories of break ins, and you can see many examples of them on this site, but my experience with safety at Auburn Hills has been positive. The complex is set back from the road, which really helps. Also, there is an alarm system in every apartment which you can choose to have connected to the police station. The neighborhood between downtown and AH on 10th street is VERY shady, but that atmosphere has pretty much disappeared by the time you reach the complex. Location- Despite being relatively close to the ------, AH is in a great location. It is about 15 to 20 minutes away from IUPUI and downtown. It is also surrounded by many grocery stores, restaurants, and a few clothing stores. There really is not anything you will need that you will have to drive very far to get. You are still sort of in the city, but you have less traffic and crime. Noiselessness- AH apartments are some of the most sound proof apartments I have ever been in. Its great! The only time I could hear my neighbors while they were indoors is when the Colts were playing the Superbowl game and everyone was cheering them on quite loudly. Now, I can hear people clearly if they are on their patios/balconies, and the planes from the nearby airport are a little noisy, but when it comes to quiet, you cannot beat AH! Friendly Office Staff- The office staff are very friendly and helpful. When I have come to them with problems they never had that quit bothering me attitude that many other apartment management staff has. They were helpful both when I was looking for an apartment and after I moved in. Parking- There is ample parking at AH. Granted if you come in late when everyone is already at home and in bed, you may have to walk a whole 30 seconds longer, but you will always have a space in front of your building. There is the option of buying a garage, but it is a $60 per month charge, and usually accompanied by a waiting list. Parking in the lots is free. There is seldom ever car break ins, and I have never heard of anyone being attacked from their car to their apartment. Now for the Negatives . . . Dishwasher- The dishwashers here are a problem. The break often and maintenance cannot seem to fix them. They retain dirty water, and it is quite gross! If you have a large family which uses a lot of dishes, or you are opposed to hand washing dishes, I would consider renting elsewhere. Floor Tiles Are the Ugliest Know To Man Kind- Seriously, I know this seems trivial, but it will start to drive you crazy after a while! If you are dirty, I suppose it will hide some of your filth that you neglect to clean, but if you are a civilized, clean person, it will sadden you when you spend all that time mopping, or even hand scrubbing your kitchen/bathroom floor and it still looks dirty. I do not know how this happens, you just have to see the tile for yourself. Whoever Painted the Walls SUCKS- There are paint splatters everywhere! Again, this will really bother the cleaners because it will always look like you missed something. It is especially bad in the bathroom; my bathtub and sink are covered with splatters! Dirty Common Hallways- The hallways are NEVER cleaned. The paint if peeling off of the ceiling, and you can see about 1,000,000 dead insects in the lights! The inside of the apartments are really pretty decent, but the hallways outside look like, dare a say, crap! Expensive- When I first moved in, these apartments cost way more than they were worth. I only moved here because I had a roommate to spilt the rent with, and my parents pressured me into it. Thankfully, rent had gone down last year, and I am proud to say that I can live hear on my own next year! However, I still think that these apartments are a little too much, and they do not include water, sewer, or any other utilities. Overall, most of what I hate about AH is cosmetic, and, in case you could not tell, I am a little on the OCD side of life, so I do not really know if things such as the floor tiles would bother most people. With all the negatives considered, I am still going to live hear at least for another year. This is the end of my review. If you made it this far, I commend you. Happy apartment hunting!
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Auburn Hill Apartments

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