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Autumn Chase Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/09/2006
I have read several of the reviews regarding the poor managment staff that has taken over, and I have to agree. I have also read the staff's response to these comments and I must say that if the staff put as much effort into maintaining this complex as they have put into those responses, Autumn Chase would still be a great place to live. <br><br>When I first moved in (under the previous intelligent and professional staff), I was treated with so much kindness and respect. Any problems I had were immediately fixed. Things have definitely changed:<br><br>Parking--do something about it! You know it's a problem, you don't need every single resident to submit a complaint before addressing it. It's an obvious issue, so stop ignoring it. <br><br>Staff--The office staff members at this complex are simply rude, not to mention unknowledgeable. Every question I've ever had has required two or three days to answer because someone else had to be contacted. <br><br>Lease and rates--Changes to my prior lease, which was considered "void" because it was under prior management, were not given to me until three days before I was suppose to renew or find somewhere else to live. <br>*TIP: WHEN NEW MANAGEMENT TAKES OVER, THEY SHOULD BE SURE TO INFORM EVERY RESIDENT OF CHANGES TO HIS/HER LEASE IMMEDIATELY. I was rudely informed that I was paying under market rate for my apartment. Perhapes that is true, but negotiating prices under market rate is what makes you competitive. Why would I want to pay $650 to $700 for an apartment on the Southside of Indy? I could pay that for an equally nice apartment downtown or on the Northside. This location isn't nice enough to charge those prices. <br><br>Final note, Staff members need to stop blaming residents for the complaints they are bringing forth. The car break-ins should not have happened, regardless of the items residents had in their vehicles. I should be able to live here and feel safe, and also be assured that my car is safe. That type of problem is an issue that the management company needs to deal with. Perhapes a police officer should patrol the area...I have never seen an officer on site to check things out. Break-ins DO NOT happen in every community, so please don't use that assumption as an excuse. Your job is to be helpful and curteous to your residents because they are the only reason you have a job.
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Autumn Chase Apartments

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