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Autumn Chase Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2009
I have lived at Autumn Chase since the end of 2007. And i am happy here. The staff has always been very nice when I stop in to pay rent or use the fitness center. Any maintenance problems are taken care of quickly, you have no doubt he knows what he is doing and the best part is the guy is extremely considerate! I have lived in a small handful of other apartments and have found thier maintenance men to be a bit intimidating at times. But Autumn Chase must have a higher standard, cause the guys are always polite. I live in a one bedroom and it is the cutest apartment, my neighbors are nice, of course you get an occassional loud get together, but that comes along with aprtment life. Not everything is picture perfect of course... my neighbors window has settled in the wall and she has problems when we get a heavy rain with water on her drywall and window sill. But again the office sends people out to check the window and fix it, it's just and ongoing problem. But my windows are fine, go figure. The way crazy snow we had recently... noone could get in or out, I nissed work and was not very happy. The manager was telling us all day that a plow was on the way but our parking lot did not see a plow until late late late that night. But the sidewalks were clear. ha ha The price of the apartments is higher than some others on the south side, but I am willing to pay it to stay in a home like this one. I have friends who live in other apartments (even ones that are pricier than mine) and they have some serious prolems... I will take my few problems over thiers anyday. I think the reason I am choosing to stay is because when you look at the bigger picture the pros outweigh any cons.
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Autumn Chase Apartments

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