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11415 Knollridge Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46229
11415 Knollridge Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46229

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Berkshire Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/26/2012
I noticed that some people made a few good commons about the PARK across the street. They said something like it is so close to the apartments and they are happy for their kids to have a park to play at. BUT here is the truth... IT IS NOTHING BUT A ------ ----- PARK. In the afternoon... especially now - weather is nice and warm, if you like to stay by the park, you can see a lot of people hanging around the park, usually they just play basketball there. And they are nothing but a whole butch of ----- people. I've been living there for years. I've never ever seen any ----- guys playing or hanging out at that park. If you wanna know why. Because it is DANGEROUS. Not because the park is unsafe. It is because those ------ ----- KIDS are DANGEROUS. Last time me and my girl friend just walked through the park to CVS in the evening. (Of course now that CVS closed and so did the lil Mexican restaurant because of the ------) We got threatened for money by 2 teenage ------ ----- KINDS there at the ------ ----- PARK. They tried to rob us. It was so close... I had to stick my hand in my pocket and pretend I carried a gun or a knife for surviving from the danger. Well... for those people made a good common about the ------ ----- PARK. You can assume they are just one of ------ -----.
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Berkshire Square Apartments

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