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Berkshire Square Apartments



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lasovivian • Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2012
Reading these reviews is actually funny. One extreme to the other. I've lived here almost a year my lease is expiring soon. The manager did talk to me about renewing longer than a year and after reading the reviews I asked her why I would. She told me the rents have not been raised in over a year and most likely would be next year. She didn't push or insist. She seemed genuine to me letting me know it really depended on my situation and if I planned on being here longer than a year to definitely renew longer so I can keep the current rent amount. Made sense to me and didnt seem sneaky or really anything to lie about. I agree with the crickets this year have been bad. My friends living other places say the same thing about them being bad at their apartment too. I talked to 1 of the managers and she was real nice about it had me write up a work form to have someone come spray for me. It was done the next day. I can't say much about the maintenance I haven't had any major issues with my apartment. I think the shape your apartment is in depends on how long ago you moved in. I have a cousin that just moved in and her apartment is awesome. They've been updating the apartments as they come vacant. They told me if I wanted to get new carpet in mine like the newer ones I would have to pay for it. So I really think it depends on when you move in. They said they don't have many vacants left but they are updating them so I guess now would be a good time to move. I know my cousin is happy with her. Only complaint I have is the parking. Wish it was assigned not just find a spot and take it. People with more than 1 car take up more spots obviously and it's hard to find a spot in front of my apartment when it's late at night. I think if you really read these reviews you can tell when someone was evicted or just a complainer. Both the managers live here and if you need to talk to them they seem to always take the time to listen. I guess instead of sitting around complaining some people should ask if any of their problems can be fixed before bad mouthing something. Just my opinion I. haha Enjoy your read! : )
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Berkshire Square Apartments

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