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Block Apartments



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benjaminr • Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/18/2019
First, I must say that the location of the Block is excellent and the vibe of the old-department-store-turned-apartments is really cool. After looking at six different apartment buildings and not being overly impressed with any, I nearly instantly fell in love with the Block when I first visited it. Unfortunately, it did not take long for this love to wear off. In February, we started to experience a few leaks in our apartment. Initially, the leaks were annoying, but manageable. While I did not keep official count, I suspect we had maintenance in our apartment a minimum of 15 times. At various times, we were told the leak was fixed, only to discover more leaking when it next rained. This, however, is not even the start of the real problems. The leaks got progressively worse over time, to the point that we were beginning to run out of buckets. Then, in early June, we experienced a fairly serious (but not hurricane-level by any means) rainstorm. Our apartment became entirely unlivable. It is not an exaggeration to say that we had a small waterfall in our spare bedroom. The leaking was so bad that it soaked all the way through our upstairs down to the first floor, causing the hardwood to warp. When we alerted the Block maintenance to the serious problem we were having, we were initially told that "I can't do anything about the rain." To the Block's credit, we were ultimately allowed to move apartments from the 8th to the 7th floor. To achieve this, I had to take two days off work, but I will say that, on paper, the Block was accommodating. The primary problem is that, throughout this whole process, my fiance and I have been treated incredibly rudely by the Block management. Instead of being treated with respect and being consoled for the fairly stressful situation the Block had put us in, we were treated with contempt by the Block management and maintenance team. It felt as if the management team considered us to be inconveniencing them with our waterfall-coming-from-our-ceiling problems, and that we would be treated accordingly. In summary, if you do indeed decide to rent at the Block, I highly recommend avoiding the top floors -- a considerable number of our neighbors were experiencing similar problems. If you are fortunate enough not to need any maintenance and can avoid interactions with management, then the Block can be a decent place to live -- the location is great and the old building really is cool. But, I would not personally recommend taking that risk.
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Block Apartments

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