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Broad Ripple Trails



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/13/2012
I am a college student, and for the most part this place is a little below average, even for my needs. It hasn't been a terrible place to live, but the cons outweigh the pros. Pros: - Rent - The rent here is amazingly cheap if you, like me, live with a few roommates. If I'd lived closer to campus I'd have been paying about 3x more per month (which, in retrospect, I might have preferred). - Location - Within walking distance of Broad Ripple (I've done it a few times), just be sure to walk with a few other people after dark (which is true most places, but it still bears mentioning). Right next to the Monon, which is great for exercise, or a quick bike to Broad Ripple to get groceries or go to the bank. - Maintenance - We had no real trouble with maintenance. They're friendly and professional, and got the job done pretty well. We may have been lucky that our apartment had only one major problem (the AC went out for 2 days in the summer), but I think they're pretty good. - Noise - There is almost no noise at all in our building. I rarely hear people walking around upstairs, and I almost never hear any noise from any neighbors. Sometimes the people below blast their music but I can only hear it if my apartment is silent. One of the toilets above us recently started making startlingly loud noises every time it's flushed though, which may become a problem if it isn't fixed. Neutral: - Parking - Parking isn't too bad, unless you plan on coming home after around 8pm or so. There were a few times when I had to park on the other side of the complex, but it wasn't that bad. - Appliances - Oven/stove and fridge work fine, but they're old and very energy inefficient. The fridge will account for a huge portion of your electric bill, and the stove always has 2 pilot lights on which will inflate your gas bill. - Amenities - Laundry is okay. There's a weird black gunk in the dryers that looks like someone dried their pants with gum in the pocket, but I don't think it's harming anything. The pools are nothing special, but since they're only open in the summer they're a stagnant eyesore for the rest of the year. Be prepared to pay for your own internet, the WiFi they provide is spectacularly slow and unreliable. I'm not sure what they have in the way of cable/phone service, as we opted not to get those. - Neighbors - I don t know any of my neighbors. There isn't really a neighborly feel in this complex. I haven t had any problems with any of them, but nothing really good either. There are a lot of different types of people living here, so if you try you might meet some friends. - Staff - The staff is fine. We've never had any major problems when dealing with them. Cons: - Pets - There is dog poop everywhere, and you won't be able to get away from it. It seems like more than half the people in this complex don't pick up after their dogs, and it's disgusting. I learned in the first week not to walk in the grass, but sometimes the dog owners will let their dogs dump on the sidewalk and just leave it there, which is awful. I stepped in a poo log on my first day of class this semester, and let me tell you that was a pretty big downer. Some of the people here muzzle their dogs, which doesn't make me very confident that they trained their dogs well, but it might only be pit bull owners who have to do that. The poo thing might not seem like a huge deal, but you will quickly get tired of having to be on the lookout for secret poo landmines, and it will give you a very low opinion of your neighbors. - Safety - Not so good. My roommate's bike was stolen off of our balcony, and we had a man go through our building knocking on doors asking for money. There are some suspicious people living here (seriously, who drives a new BMW and still lives here?), but no one has bothered me. I can walk to and from my car at night and feel fine, but if I couldn't do that I would have broken lease. - Construction - Not good. The windows in at least 2/3 of the bedrooms don't close well and make the rooms very cold in the winter. We've done what we can to keep the drafts out, but we still need many blankets and layers to keep warm. The kitchen drawers are a joke. The drawers aren't on rollers, so the wooden drawers scrape against the wooden frames and sprinkle all of your things with wood shavings and dust. The chain on our door is incredibly ineffective. I opened the door to go to class, not realizing that someone had put the chain on the night before, and I ripped it halfway out of the wall. At least the deadbolt is pretty secure. The painting isn't very nice, and many rooms have hairs stuck in the paint. Overview: - If you're looking to live somewhere cheap for a year or two, you want to live close to Broad Ripple, you're okay with below average quality, and you're okay with dog poop everywhere, this is the place for you. If you're looking for a nice place to live look elsewhere.
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Broad Ripple Trails

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