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5220 Luzzane Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46220
5220 Luzzane Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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Broad Ripple Trails



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 07/08/2012
I am a college student (female) and thought living here was great, all things considered. If you're looking to live somewhere cheap for a year or two, you'll get what you'll pay for. Have to say that for the price, management is awesome and the maintenance guys are on top of it. I agree with a lot of what the person from 3/28/12 said but I'll elaborate more about my personal experience. Pros: *Rent is the cheapest we were able to find in Indy. My housemates and I (we're in a 3-bedroom) got a discount for being students. We never paid over $300 individually/month including all utilities and internet, which is PERFECT for students still in undergrad, working part-time. *Location is great. My housemates and I work up north and go to school downtown which puts Broad Ripple right in the middle. Not only is College St a nice way to get around the worst of traffic heading downtown, the Monon right nearby offers a nice alternative. All of us now bike and/or run both to commute and for exercise. *Maintenance is awesome. I've always had every problem dealt with immediately and I was notified when they were coming in or had been there. *The staff is pretty good. They always respond quickly to any complaint and seem to care what their renters think. Neutral: *Parking is fine. *Oven/stove and fridge work fine. I like having a gas range. *Amenities - Laundry is okay but are now card-operated which is either a pro or a con depending on the renter. The pools are average. If you are a student you will HAVE to pay for your own internet as theirs is unreliable and slow. Both Brighthouse and AT&T get service in this area. *There isn't really a neighborly feel in this complex but you see people out and if you're friendly you can get to know some of them. Sometimes you'll see kids out playing and sometimes you'll see college age kids out on the porch smoking. Never any trouble. *The noise level is medium. Reviews about windows and walls being thin are definitely true so if you can sleep through the sound of cars going by you'll do fine. However, when we had loud upstairs neighbors who played excessively loud music (my floor was shaking from their subwoofer) we told management and after 3 warnings they ended up being kicked out. There IS a sound curfew at 10pm and it's part of the lease agreement. *Safety is average. Even as a young lady I feel safe walking to and from my car at night as everything is pretty well lit. My roommates and I have never had anything stolen, but by now we're pretty savvy about living in a city. When we lived on 16th & Delaware we all had our cars broken into, which has never happened here. The chain on the door is pretty useless but the deadbolt is secure. I've always feel fine sleeping at night. Cons: *There is dog poop everywhere. This started sometime this summer. Maybe half of the people pick up after their dogs. *Construction is lackluster. The windows don't close well/ are poorly insulated. It makes the rooms very cold in the winter, hot in the summer. Walls are thin so hope your neighbors don't like to get it on loudly! The paint job is crap but it's an apartment to live in during college so honestly, who cares! Even if it's not a perfect construction job, it is completely made up for by maintenance who will come quickly to fix any problem, even if it's as small as fixing a shower head.
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Broad Ripple Trails

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