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Broad Ripple Trails



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abayifo • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
First of all, I got lied into the apartment, they told me I could have a place with a living room entrance. No - they would not let us LOOK at the apartment until move in day! I refused to pay rent until all the work was done. I moved in and opened my dish cabinet and saw that the ceiling was falling in - it was caused by a leaking toilet in the master bath upstairs! it had been leaking for months, and they just let it go.<br>Secondly, I live there for three months and suddenly get a water bill - this after I was told by the apartment manager that we did not have to pay a water and sewer bill, it was included in the rent - THEN they also tell me that according to the lease, I have to have cable and a land line phone on?? WTF!?<br>I lived next door to two of the drunkest people ever - the woman let all the stray cats into her house, MY house smelled like cat urine and dog ---- every time I opened my downstairs bathroom. (I had to seal up the bathroom vent to stop the stench) Talking about this to the management accomplished nothing. There was never any place to park, the pool was always filled to the maximum with non residents and thugs, the parking lots in the center of the buildings were a party place all night every night in the summer, and all weekend long every weekend - If you are a "gangsta" you will love the place. If you are just looking for a decent place that will not cost you an arm and a leg, look else where.<br>Pinnacle Properties employees are a bunch of shysters and liars. Do your self a favor and rent from anyone but these guys...
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Broad Ripple Trails

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