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Buffalo Creek Apartment Homes



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cdraper7 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/08/2007
Ok well before I move into any apartment i always read reviews for the apartment I am wanting to move into. Well please read this! Me and my fiance just moved in at Oct 31 and OMG what a disaster. It started at day one. The first night our heat did not work and woke up shivering at 2 in the morning. Next few days our tiolets both kept getting clogged up and it took the matience a few days to come unplug it. Our master bedroom toilet got clogged up and leak into the lady below us apartment and onto our master bedroom carpet. Still stinks! Lovely huh? Our dishwasher broke and it took them 3 days to come look at it and then another couple of days to receive our new one. Garbage disposal still isnt fixed. Next, the roof started leaking and ruined the roof and drywall and at the time we were painting when the wall started leaking and all the paint leaked onto the carpet. the property manager said they would come clean the carpets but still not cleaned to this day. Im sure we will get hit with that when we move out. THe lady below us has a pregnant young daughter living with her. The first night we were moving in around eight o'clock my friend dropped a bottle of toothpaste and it rolled down the stairs and she comes out cussing up a storm at us. Great parenting. She and her daughter have both came up to our apartment a couple times just cussing and telling us to shut the F**K up. About a week later we hear a knock at the door and its the cops...about 1 in the morning. Me and my fiance were laying down watching Spiderman. The cop acted surprised when we answered the door because it looked like we just woke up. He told us to talk to the apartments and see if they could transfer us. Well we talked to them and they said they would work out a arrangement so that we were both happy. The next night was my birthday and we had about 3 friends over and of course cops got called at 11 o'clock. Alright, to sum it up, our walls leak, our appliances dont work, our carpet is ruined, our dogs have to stay asleep all day everyday, we have to freeze because our heat takes ten hours to turn on, we arent allowed to have people over, and we have to use sign language to speak to each other in order to not disturb anyone. great place to live you should come check it out in the next few weeks... NOT. oh and by the way the last people that lived here had the appartment broken into you can still see where they wedged the door open.
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Buffalo Creek Apartment Homes

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 11/08/2007) Image of Buffalo Creek Apartment Homes in Indianapolis, IN
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