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Castleton Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
I lived in a 3-bedroom townhome with 2 other roomates for 1 year. I had a carport for my brand new car, in which someone else parked their car in my spot about 50% of the time. Management did not have a good system or policy in place to limit who could park in each spot. We had 3 cars for our townhome, and there were not enough spots for our friends to park when they came to visit. They would frequently have to park in the strip mall's parking lot about 300 feet away from our front door. Also, the lights in the carport burned out, and noone ever replaced them during the time that I lived there. The worst problem was that we had a leak spring in the ceiling above our kitchen after a few days of heavy rain. We reported it to management, and after the maintenance people came to check it out, they said they were unable to find anything wrong. After we were all moving out the apartment inspector person said that there was severe water damage, and that it was caused by my washing machine not being unhooked properly. Then why did the leak start BEFORE I ever unhooked my washing machine? They tried to keep our security deposit, plus charge us $300 for repairs. One of my roomate's girlfriend's father is a lawyer, so when he threatened to file something against them, they backed off and gave us our deposit. Pretty shady characters.<br>I could hear the neighbors going up and down the stairs in their next-door apartment, and could hear vehicles outside my front-facing apartment window all the time (especially at night and early morning).<br>There was about 15 layers of paint on every wall, because I think they repaint the entire townhome after each tenant moves out, regardless of whether they painted anything or not. So the 15 layers of paint showed up as big blobs in some places.<br>Overall, this place is livable, and the price was pretty good. The location is really good - close to about everything. However, if you don't mind paying a bit more, you can probably get what you pay for by living someplace nicer (like Amli).
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Castleton Manor

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