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Center Point Apartment Homes



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movingsoon2113 • Resident 2008 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/05/2014
So you are looking to rent an apartment at Center Point Apartment homes, before you sign that lease make sure that you enjoy these amenities. 1.Do you not need to do laundry in the winter or when the outside temperature is below 38 degrees? 2.Do you like 2-8 months between reporting a maintenance issue and getting it completed? 3.Do you like leaving message after message after message with the leasing office and never hearing back? 4.Do you enjoy frat parties every day of the week? At all hours? Do you like hearing bass at 4:30 in the morning so loud that you can feel it through the floor? 5.Do you like your grass covered in dog poop? 6.How about broken steps that take months to replace? 7.Do you enjoy the smell of raw sewage coming from your utility closet? 8.Do you want to pay for a parking space only to have your car towed because the towing company has the right to tow if they can t see your hang tag? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Center Point Apartment homes may be the place for you! None of these amazing amenities will be listed on the website or be brought up by the office staff but you, new tenant, will get to experience all of these amazing frustration first hand! The specifics: 1. Due to a design flaw, the drains for the washing machine are on the outside wall and will freeze shut in temperatures lower than 36 degrees. 2. 2 8 months is pretty much average for maintenance work unless you drowning from a leak, you will have to wait for months for a repair. 3. Good luck with the office staff, you will never hear from them and you will get different stories from each one. 4. Every night is a party night here at Center Point Apartment homes; keggers, raves, tailgating, etc. Love to be woken up by screaming college kids? Like beer cans and broken bottles, cause the yard is littered with them. 5. Pretty self-explanatory 6. The step leading to the second floor shattered one day, no reason, just shattered into a million tiny concrete chunks and it took about 2-3 months to be replaced. 7. Another design issue is the hot water heater overflow drain. It will dry out in the U-bend and your apartment will be filled with the odor of raw sewage. The apartment management won t tell you this but; you will need to rig up a hose and some sort of funnel to fill it with water about every month if the heater is running. 8. Paid for a parking space under the car port, car was towed because the towing company couldn t see the hang tag and $150 later I got my car back. So if this sounds like fun to you go right ahead and become a tenant.
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Center Point Apartment Homes

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