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Chapel Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2007
This is an old complex and things like plumbing pipes, furnaces and air conditioners are all wearing out and breaking, but if that happens just try to get someone to help you. It takes days and multiple calls to get even the "emergency" maintenance people to reply. There is virtually no upkeep to the grounds aside from mowing the grass. Weeds are left to grow as high as patio fences and most people end up pulling them themselves.<br><br>Worst of all, it's not safe here. Gangs of kids roam all hours of the night, empty units are used as crackhouses or who knows what else, nothing is safe left on your patio, your car isn't safe in the lot since there are vandals around who think breaking out windows is entertaining, at least one person has been shot in the parking lot recently, and there has been someone breaking into townhouses frequently - something I'd never been told until the day I caught him trying to break into mine and found out there had been 10-12 break-ins done the same way. <br><br>Rent keeps climbing higher and higher with each year you stay and all anyone seems concerned with is collecting it - not with keeping residents safe or advising them of problems like the serial thief. (It's amazing how fast they are to put you on notice if you're one day late on rent, but can't seem to find time to return phone calls about anything else.)<br><br>I've stayed here because past mgmt. was always pretty great and they made me feel like I was welcome here. I don't feel that way anymore and I don't feel safe either. <br><br>There's no reason to renew this time around because all I'd get would be an even higher rent and more of the same. Until this place gets it act together, nobody else should even consider moving here!<br><br>Don't be fooled by the ads about the "biggest floorplans in Indy" because while the floorplans are great, the atmosphere is horrible and it's just not worth it. The turnaround rate is incredible with people coming and going constantly. It's obvious no attempt is made to attract good tenants and no attempt is made to remove bad ones.<br><br>The leasing office staff doesn't care about tenants and the management company that owns the complex doesn't care.
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Chapel Hill Apartments

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