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CORE Riverbend



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amlireallysucks • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
AMLI SUCKS!!! I lived there for one year, and it was truly the WORST renting experience of my life. After living in the apartment for a few days I began to notice a really bad stench. This stench attached itself to everything I owned - especially my clothes. The smell was a mixture of DEATH and CIGARETTE SMOKE - not a winning combo. I soon found out from my neighbor that the PREVIOUS TENANT PERISHED in the apartment (apparently self-inflicted). Not only that, but he was "chillin" on the couch for two weeks in the middle of the summer before he was found. Needless to say, after the smell of the new paint wore off, the place reaked of death. <br><br>This is only the beginning...<br><br>Previously, when touring apartment, the leasing agent... let's just call him Gabe, showed me this apartment that was recently made available. Gabe told me that the place was inexpensive because it wasn't updated with new appliances and cabinetry. They apparently weren't able to update it because the previous tenant was there for 10 yrs. WHEN I ASKED WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PREVIOUS TENANT, THE AGENT SAID THAT HE MOVED BACK IN WITH HIS PARENTS (which isn't entirely far from the truth as I later learned his parents died the year prior.) Anyways, he LIED. Leasing agents have a duty to disclose, but only if someone specifically asks about the previous tenant. And well, I ASKED.<br><br>I demanded a new apartment, but the only ones that were available were "updated" ("updated" refers to an upgrade to 5-year-old appliances, but still the shabby fixtures, and crappy quality overall, and definitly the same crappy staff) Anyways, so I was stuck paying a higher price for an equally crappy apartment minus the smell. I RECEIVED NO REIMBURSEMENT FOR MY MOVING EXPENSES/TROUBLES DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE LEASING AGENT BROKE THE LAW. When I requested a lower rate or a month-free rent from the Regional Manager himself, I was astounded at how brash and unconcerned he was with my plight. He demanded that I have a lawyer contact him if I wanted a chance at some kind of compensation... it wasn't like I was asking him for damn slave reparations. I had to move everything to a new apartment, wash everything I owned several times, and have to deal with the bug infestation in my next apartment.<br><br>RENTERS BEWARE - the only positive out of this whole mess is that I REALLY appreciate my new home.<br>
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CORE Riverbend

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